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Game Reviews | Xbox One

  • Reviews
    Review: Rain on Your Parade | Xbox

    Rain can be really annoying in some situations. Holidays, wedding days, marathons, festivals… all can be ruined by simple showers. But...

    Ian GarstangJuly 17, 2021
  • Indie Gaming
    Review: DARQ: Ultimate Edition

    DARQ follows the story of Lloyd, a boy who finds himself in the middle of a lucid nightmare. Unable to wake...

    Ian GarstangMay 31, 2021
  • ID@Xbox
    Review: Planet Alpha | Xbox

    Planet Alpha is a side-scrolling narrative adventure set on an unforgiving alien world. The player must run, jump, climb, move objects...

    Ian GarstangApril 7, 2021
  • Reviews
    Review: Taxi Chaos | Xbox

    It may surprise you to hear that Taxi Chaos is not a Reboot of the much loved Crazy Taxi by SEGA....

    Ian GarstangMarch 26, 2021
  • Game Reviews
    Review: Bonkies | Xbox One

    Bonkies is a space monkey-themed puzzle game created by Studio Goliath and published by Crunching Koalas. The game is best played...

    Ian GarstangMarch 7, 2021
  • Childrens Games
    Review: Unicorn Princess | Xbox One

    Obviously, Unicorn Princess is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but with two daughters, it was a game that...

    Ian GarstangFebruary 27, 2021

First Impressions

  • First Impressions
    First Impressions: Rekt! High Octane Stunts

    Rekt! High Octane Stunts created by Little chicken game company and released by Cubit games is an arena-based car stunt game...

    Ian GarstangJune 20, 2021
  • First Impressions
    Review: Planet Coaster: Console Edition | Xbox

    Planet Coaster is an extensive construction and management simulation game by Frontier Developments now available on Xbox. Players can design and...

    Ian GarstangMarch 14, 2021
  • First Impressions
    First Impressions: Empire of Sin

    Empire of Sin has been a highly anticipated game since it was first announced back in June 2019. The brainchild of...

    Ian GarstangMarch 11, 2021
  • First Impressions
    First Impressions: Speed Limit

    What if I told you that there was a non-stop action chase game that sees you shooting your way through a...

    Ian GarstangFebruary 19, 2021
  • Features
    First Impressions: Trailblazers | Xbox One

    At first sight, Trailblazers looks like a mix between Borderlands and Wipeout as steampunk-inspired hover cars race around Wild West style...

    Ian GarstangJuly 24, 2018
  • First Impressions
    First Impressions: Hyper Sentinel | Xbox One

    When you first boot up Hyper Sentinel, it like being transported back in time. From the low-fi visuals to the pounding...

    Ian GarstangMay 15, 2018
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